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Weather in Chicago

Winter in Chicago can be very cold. Average temperatures range between the low teens to the high 20s, and there is usually a lot of snow because ofLake Effect and winds coming in from the north and northeast. Annual average snowfall in Chicago is 38 inches, but this can range from 9 and 89 inches depending on the year and if there are any major snowstorms during the season or not.

Traveling during the winter to Chicago can be a challenge, not only because of all the snow, but because the snow tends to turn to ice and can make sightseeing difficult. While the city makes a huge effort to keep the streets and sidewalks to Chicago ice-free, you should always be careful when walking and driving. You should especially be careful in the downtown area, as there have been some incidents of large sheets of ice falling from the tall Chicago skyscrapers onto the ground.

Weather Chicago - chicago City

The summer on the other hand tends to be on the hotter side with temperatures averaging in the 80s between June and August and nightly temperatures between 65 and the low 70s.There is usually a lot of humidity in the summer in Chicago, but thanks to Lake Michigan, there's usually a breeze that cools the city down. The lake breeze plays an important role during Chicago summers, and the weather forecasters in the area usually finish their broadcast saying that it's "cooler near the lake."

The term 'Windy City' may even be linked to this lake breeze as city officials in the late 19th Century attempted to brand Chicago as the ideal summer resort destination because it provided such refreshing summer winds, in contrast with other Midwestern cities further away from the lake. In the summer, many Chicagoans and tourists like to spend their free time on the beaches of Lake Michigan picnicking, walking or biking on its trails, or engaging in many popular activities there such as beach volleyball.

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Summer is when Chicago gets most of its rainfall, with a yearly average precipitation of 36 inches. An interesting fact about Chicago rain is that it used to be that July was the wettest month of the year from 1871, when records started being kept until 1965. After that, the wettest month became August and remains that way until this day. If you're in the Chicago area during the summer always have an umbrella or raincoat with you in case it starts to rain.

Many tourists find it most comfortable to visit Chicago during the more moderate seasons of fall and spring when there is usually little rainfall and temperatures are comfortable. Between September and November, temperatures range from the 30s to the mid-50s, while in the springtime, temperatures are from the 40s to the 50s.
Since Chicago has many beautiful outdoor parks such as Millennium Park, the fall provides beautiful scenery with its different colored leaves. Also in the spring don't miss the Magnificent Mile's spectacular tulip display.